Thursday, November 24, 2011

From $2 Goodwill Skirt to pretty "NO SEW" Pillowcase Dress!

 I found this really pretty orange print skirt at Goodwill for $2, it was size "Small" and from Old Navy.

This post has way too many pictures & on the majority of them the colors are wayyy too bright but I don't care cause I'm so proud of how this turned out!
Disclaimers... I don't know how to sew and I don't own a sewing machine & I have NO interest in learning how to sew...sooooo the following is what occurred...

 1. After cutting down to proper length Fold over a piece on top for the ribbon to go in
 2. Carefully (Im known for burning myself by even looking @ an iron so I do this CAREFULLY!) iron down the area you just folded over.
3.  Mark some armholes (is that what they are called? LOL) on the "wrong" side of the fabric with something... I used a white crayon.
 4. Fold fabric over in half and make 1 even cut...
 5. Voila! Arm Holes!
 6. Fold over a thin edge
 7. Carefully iron down the area you just folded over
 8. This is how the "right" side of the fabric should look by now
 9. As I stated above... I dont know how to sew so I found these jean patches I had laying around... The following might seem like some serious ghettoness but hey, it works!   Cut some strips from the patches...
 Cut them narrow enough to cover the edge of the fabric
 10. Carefully (lol) iron down the patch sealing the edge of the fabric down

 11. See! No ugly stitch mark!
 12. Repeat for the edge of the Armholes
 13. Insert ribbon & tie off with a ribbon

14. Put it on the most beautiful model you can find :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Trolling GW again. I need to find a new 1, employees are starting to recognize me.

I went in to GW today looking for a frame. My idea was to make a memory frame for Zonyah's first time at the beach. So I needed a deep frame so I could include some of the seashells she picked up at the beach.

I walked out with:

1 Frame 2.99
1 Strange looking egg thingy that stinks like roach spray 2.99
2 Fabulous candle holders/They are HEAVY!  3.99 each. These things usually come in 3's... I wonder who took (purchased) the other one! :(

Everything is already either painted or redone.

The frame did not need paint but I did turn the mat around, I like the colors on it. There is a sandy color that is perfect for a beach photo!

The horizon was not "straight"... although I try my best to take "straight horizon" pictures when hanging out at the beach and just snapping pics of Zonyah at that point I really dont care how the horizon looks LOL. 
My OCD did Kick in and I "had" to skew the picture to straighten out the horizon... Ok now Im happy :)

This is how it looks in the back... (Don't worry about how the back of the picture looks... Noone looks in there!)

Next I brought out my trusty & beloved hot glue gun (use your imagination for this part cause I didnt snap any pics)...

Diddle Diddle Ding... Tuuu Tuuuuruuu Tu ruuuuu.....
2 minutes gone by yet?

OK!  Tadaaaaa! :)

So next I try to stick this baby back into the frame... Hault! We...? I have an issue *(actually I have many but thats another Blog =) )*

The shells sit too high and I cant properly secure the back... Do I care... Hmmm NOPE!

I didnt and probably will not take a pic of it, but there is clear tape holding the back into place. But who cares?! I told you noone looks back there!

PS. OCD should be called CDO. Thats OCD spelling for OCD :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Awesome Name Print

I saw this on a Link Party at "HouseofHepworths" and I thought it was the cutest thing!
I got the idea from here.
"Full of Great Ideas"
Both of these blogs are awesome and "follow" worthy.

Here is a letter "S" I got from ... ? WTF was it... w/e Doesnt matter. I have the bag in the room & I'm too lazy to go get it now.

So anyways, this FUGLINESS was only $4.99

I wasnt too sure about what color combination I wanted to use so I resorted to my trusty Facebook friends for advice :)
They made the right decision!

As you can see I'm "working" on something else on the right. Gotta maximize "nap time"!!

I used my booger napkin to wipe off some of the freshly sprayed blue. (LOL, joke?)

I might beat it up a lil bit more tomorrow when I get my hands on some sand paper & my hammer... But for now,  I <3 it :)

The box...

A few days ago I painted the little ugly box I got at GW. 
I <3 the way it looks now! Its sitting on top of my desk & it houses my scissors, pens, some papers, and its a good place to put my cellphone while its charging.

This thing took around 5 coats! That ugly design just didnt wanna D-I-E!!!

Heres the before:

And the After:

Not too bad for having paid only $2.99

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another great find at GW!

I did a quick drive-by GW & found these!
I think its funny that I dont go in there looking for a "specific" item... I look at everything and wonder... "Can I paint & make you beautiful?"

So these are the 3 things I snagged.

$2.99 for the box
$.99 for the tin
$1.99 for the bird <3
oh & 6 pairs of size  T3 & T4 Jeans... Whooping total including tax 19.94

Im thinking of painting the tin ORB... The bird baby blue and the box Heirloom white.
The ORB I have on hand so I have to head out to Lowes tomorrow for the other 2 colors. I also have to build my dining room set in a box from Ikea, thats also getting an ORB paint job... or maybe baby blue... IDK.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pallet nightmare.

So I have been trying to do my best at decorating a house that Im renting. Its hard to do some stuff w/o altering the stuff Im not supposed to alter. There are a few more things I want to blog about but this one I feel is a MUST before I forget just how pissed off I am... mostly at myself.
So I saw this yesterday on a blog & I fell in love with it! From Pallet to Book Shelf

So immediately I went to Craigslist & found a bunch of ads for free pallets. I contacted someone who was giving 5 of them away. Within 2 hrs I was driving into their driveway... Right then I there I should of backed up & just gone home. But I had already told her I was on my way... The pallets were old, broken, DIRTY as hellllllllllllllllll!!
She had 6 and thankfully only 4 of them fit into the back of my van. 1st off they were not the "style" I needed... Oh yeah, she told me to go back for the rest that didnt fit... hmmm NO!

I didnt even bring them home. I know this guy who owns a store and he makes wooden signs and can use the wood from them so I called him up & drove by and dropped them off. I'll go by today and take a picture of them if they are still outside just to show the disgustingness. (sp?) is that even a word? lol

Anyways, soooo the search continues for CLEAN pallets! Shit I only need 1 anyways. Oh yeah and the back of my van is DIRTY as hellllllllll now!